Tailored ballroom dresses – get the measurements your self is easy

December 19, 2009 ballroomdresses

Most of the dancers prefer tailored ballroom dresses as the dress is gorgeous as long as it fits the body in every move. If you worry about how to get your measurements as you are not a tailor, this quick guide is to give you an easy-to-follow instruction so that you can order a ballroom dress that is 100% yours!

What you need is a cloth tape measure. If you don’t have a cloth tape measure, you can simply use a string to measure around your body and then use a normal ruler to measure the string.

To get proper data, you want to take the measurements undressed or in lightweight clothes. Most of the ballroom dresses now have built-in bras. But if you are going to order a ballroom dress without built-in bra, it is even better to take the measurements with the bra that you will be wearing with your dress.

Below are the common measurements normally required by online retailers and the illustrations.

1 Bust
2 Waist
3 Shoulder  Width
4 Hip (20 cm below waist)
5 Center shoulder to bust point (Start near neck 1 inch)
6 Around neck
7 Sleeve Length (Shoulder to wrist)
8 Biceps
9 Wrist
10 Armhole
11 Center shoulder to Waist (Over bust, start near neck 1 inch).
12 Torso (from shoulder over bust to crotch to shoulder. Start near neck 1 inch)
13 Ballroom Dress length from shoulder (over bust, Start near neck 1 inch) to hem.                                                              
14 Latin Dress length from shoulder (over bust, Start near neck 1 inch) to                                                     Shortest point
15 Latin Dress length from shoulder (over bust, Start near neck 1 inch) to                                                             Longest point
16 Top Hip (About 13cm below Waist)
17 Your Height (without wearing shoes)
18 Latin Dress  point back length (start from waistband to shortest  point)
19 Latin Dress  Longest  point  back length ( start from waistband to Longest point)

(Source of images: Dance Dress Shop)


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